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February 2017


On the International Scene

Where in the world is Karyn Page?


is probably on a flight right now. Somewhere high above a warm ocean, or the Alps maybe. Page is an international business adviser. In land-locked Kansas, that doesn’t sound like a thing. But as the CEO and president of Kansas Global Trade Services, where she has been off and on since 1992, she knows how important her work is, and how lucky she is to be doing it.

“There are international consultants on the coast and in D.C., but in the middle of the country, there is basically just us,” she says. “Doing this job is a rarity and a treat and getting to have these experiences is amazing.”

Page’s trips are mostly business, meeting with foreign industry leaders and dignitaries, but on occasion she finds herself relaxing at a beachfront restaurant in Rio, or touring the cathedrals of Barcelona, or learning to dance the Flamenco, or in the back of a cab in a bustling Chinese city and wondering how in the world she got there.

“I realize it is such a privilege to have the job that I have, to have the experiences that I have, to go to the places that I go,” she says. “I grew up in Wichita, with a single parent. I could never have imagined this life for myself. I don’t think my mother was ever even on an airplane.”

International Business Consultant - Karyn Page
Beijing China

Beijing, China

When we spoke to Page, she had just returned from Washington, D.C., where she travels six or more times a year in pursuit of her MBA from Georgetown University. In between, she’s boarding planes in Wichita along with clients setting out for Brazil, or Beijing, or Spain or Austria.

She called traveling out of Eisenhower Airport a comfort, perhaps one of the few she would find on her long journey.

“Getting in and out of Wichita is so easy,” she says. “It’s just unbelievable, especially when I hear the trials and tribulations of other people getting in and out of their airports.”

She has a few routines she sticks to, no matter where she is in the world.

“Wherever I land, whether it is Spain or Brazil or China, if the sun is up, I’m awake. I do not allow myself to rest, to put my head on the pillow until the sun goes down,” she says. “I don’t think about what time it is in Wichita.”

Often, she says, she and her clients hit the ground running. It’s a business trip, and Page sticks to the agenda.

“When we go on a trip, we use every possible minute. If we’re in China for 10 days, we may be in seven cities,” she says. “We work during the day, and we travel during the night and get up in a different city.”

Wherever I land, whether it is Spain or Brazil or China, if the sun is up, I’m awake.

Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Page is there to get her clients in front of the people they need to see, maneuvering them through customs and cultural differences, to ensure they make a good impression when they arrive. That means consulting them on what to wear, advising them on palace protocol, teaching them to properly pronounce someone’s name, how to give or receive a gift and a thousand other things that could embarrass a first-time traveler to a foreign land.

“We have to make them look like a rock star,” she says. “We’re there to give them the support they need so they can do their best.” There’s a lot at stake. Wichita and Kansas are dependent on exports. Page is there to paint the region in a good light, an ambassador for the region and her clients.

There’s hardly time for sightseeing, but Page says she’ll sneak a peek out the window when she can.

“Even if it is only seeing the architecture from the taxi cab, I’ll still do that,” she says. “I’ll question the cabbies, ask about the art scene, architecture, where to go eat. I don’t get to do all of those things, but I learn a little along the way.”

She’s seen enough of Geneva to declare it among her favorite cities in the world. And she did find a few days during a recent two-week trip to Spain where she dined well, saw the countryside and learned to dance the Flamenco.

“People were asking me, How was Spain? I would say, the only problem was that I had to come home,” she recalls. “It was so awesome. It’s beautiful. Great food. So much culture and color.”

She’s not looking for souvenirs, she's looking for perspective.

“The perspective you get when you travel, it expands you,” she says. “It makes you a more well-rounded person. When I land, I take a moment to reflect on what I’ve learned, what is my takeaway, what positive lesson I am going to take back to my job to be more successful.”

She should be landing back in Wichita with a fresh perspective any day now.

Fly to Spain

Barcelona, Spain

How to pack like page

When a seasoned traveler like Karyn Page packs a bag, it stays packed. Here’s how she does it.

“I won’t go without my laptop or iPad for sure,” Page says. “And I won’t go on an international flight without a toothbrush and toothpaste. I also don’t travel without a cashmere shawl that you can wear as a scarf or blanket. And, of course, reading glasses. I take two pairs with me.

“Everything goes in my leather briefcase. Most people think it is a large purse, but it is my briefcase.

Inside my briefcase is my very small purse. I can take it out when I don’t need my full briefcase.

“If I’m only going to be gone three days or so, I only take my roller board suitcase. There are things in it that always stay in it. It’s always ready to go. It takes me less time to pack each time. It’s not just the travel time, right? It’s about the packing and unpacking. I try to make the time constraints as small as possible. Everything goes in the same place. Every time.”

Packing for international

Spring Break in
Washington, D.C.

See all of America, all in one place


for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain…” You know the rest. America is awesome. Vast. It’s not possible to take it all in during a single trip, short of a months’ long Lewis & Clark-like excursion. But you can explore the best of America — its history, monuments, art and architecture — in a single place: Washington, D.C.

Spring break is a good time to go. The cherry blossoms are in bloom. Several airlines offer flights to Washington, D.C., out of Wichita, some of them early flights with connections so quick you’ll be in the nation’s capital by lunch.

Visit the US Capitol Building

U.S. Capitol Building Interior Dome

Lincoln Memorial Washington DC

Lincon Memorial

That gives you the rest of the day to hit the National Mall, just long enough to take in a few of the museums (there are more than a dozen and many of them free), and scout out the galleries to visit the next day. There’s lots to do.

You’ll also want to see the monuments and memorials, to tour the Capitol and the White House, stroll around the reflecting pool. You’ll want to people-watch the power brokers at the local lunch counters, look at the names of soldiers etched into stones, stand at the feet of Lincoln. Keep moving. You’ll want to take it all in. You can see the United States through the window on the flight back home. This is your chance to see America.

Flights from ICT to D.C.

American Airlines

American Airlines Wichita to DC Flights

Delta Air Lines

Delta Airlines Wichita to DC Flights

United Airlines

United-Airlines-Wichita-to-DC Flights

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Wichita to DC Flights
Travel to Washington DC

The nation's capital bustles with energy night and day.

What to do in D.C.

Hit the Museums


Like airplanes? They’ve got quite the collection.

National Air and Space Museum

National Air and Space Museum


Way better than any textbook. There’s no test at the end.


A new museum — be the first in your district to see it — dedicated to a unique American experience.


Masterpieces from every era in every medium. Make a beautiful day of it.


A haunting must-see for all Americans.


The first Americans were dinosaurs. See them here, and other natural things great and small.

Museums in Washington DC

National Museum of Natural History

Hit the Mall


You only think you’ve seen this powerful symbol. You haven’t. The massive obelisk looks great on TV but is more, well, monumental in person.


They don’t make them like this, or like him, anymore. Honest.


An expansive memorial of several landscapes and statues — a long overdue addition to the single, modest headstone that FDR requested.


It’s modeled after the Pantheon of Rome. Seems about right. The guy only invented America when he wrote the Declaration of Independence.


Monuments of stone and bronze stand, perhaps forever, to honor those who fell.


Troops are etched into the surface of the memorial wall. More striking are the larger-than-life stainless steel soldiers on patrol on the grounds.


A granite relief of the slain civil rights leader stands three stories tall. It’s called “Stone of Hope.”


The wall, a simple slab of black stone etched with the names of the dead and missing, was controversial when it first went in. Today, few doubt its power.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Thomas Jefferson Memorial



It’s the busiest performance center in America, and the one booked by the best talent. Catch an act here and you’re really seeing something.


You’ll be walking. A lot. Consider spending a day off your feet and on the river. The scenic tours steam past the Mall and Mount Vernon and other sites.


They call George Washington the father of the country. It’s just outside of the District but worth the trip. Dad’s house is pretty nice.


The historic, charming and walkable district of D.C. where you’ll find world-class cuisine, quaint shops, and probably a senator or two.


You’ve come all this way. You may as well knock.

A Vegas Valentine

A romantic getaway is in the cards

“I love you.” Three little words you’ve said to your sweetheart, time and again. They’re in the card, attached to the flowers, dressed up for special occasions on anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. You mean them and they’re nice to hear, a real comfort, but actions speak louder than words.

So this Valentine’s Day, here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to surprise your loved one with a getaway trip that shows that you’re still up for adventure, still down for dinner and a show and maybe a nightcap and then who knows, maybe breakfast? You’re going to go out and get a little sun together in the places where it doesn’t usually shine. You’re going to make some new memories, lose yourselves, and maybe win a little money together at the tables.

Acro Cabaret Show in Las Vegas

There is always a show to catch in Vegas.

A couple of airline tickets tucked into a card is the gift of a good time. Maybe the card still contains those three little words, but there’s two more, and they're magical, meant to be read aloud like a spell. Lean in real close and whisper them: “Vegas, baby.”



And you thought the infamous green-hued drink was unique. Described as the world’s only acro-cabaret, Absinthe truly has it all. Audience members are treated to feats of strength, balance and danger by world-class artists in an intimate setting at the Roman Plaza in front of Caesars Palace.


It’s not the real deal, but it comes close. Several couples have used the spot as a proposal setting. Book a reservation, find the secret elevator and dine at the exclusive Eiffel Tower Restaurant. No matter how you spend your time at the top, you’ll always have Paris – Vegas style.


Cirque Du Soleil’s mystifying productions never disappoint. Whether it’s LOVE. Or Zumanity. Or Kà. Or Michael Jackson – ONE. The world-renowned troupe’s passionate, sensual performances stir the imagination and elevate the soul.

Get Married at Graceland Wedding Chapel

Graceland Wedding Chapel

Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon


Leave it to Vegas to break the rules. Rose.Rabbit.Lie, located in the Cosmopolitan, is a restaurant. And a supper club. And a bar. And don’t forget its live entertainment – all ensconced in the ambiance of a 1920s mansion with a modern vibe. It defies explanation. But exceeds all expectations.


Head west of the Strip about 20 miles with a blanket and bottle of wine to Red Rock Canyon. Sunset isn’t the only spectacular show. Head out early in the day and take in the hiking trails that will only deepen your affection for nature.


More of a thrill seeker than hopeless romantic? Take on the heart-pounding rides and attractions atop the Stratosphere Casino. The Tower is situated 1,149 feet above the Vegas skyline, featuring indoor and outdoor observation decks.


The Strip caters to all levels of daredevils. Get your adrenaline rush in a more controlled environment with simulated skydiving. It’s a pulse-quickening, gravity-defying experience – without an airplane or parachute. But the sensation that you’re floating, flying and free falling? It’s as real as it gets.


Ready to elevate that golf game? TopGolf is anything but another day on the links. Micro-chipped balls are hit at big screen targets to combine a little friendly competition with an entertaining edge.


If you’re going to say “I do,” why not ask the King to officiate? With an Elvis impersonator, it’s no wonder Graceland Wedding Chapel has hosted countless celebrity nuptials.

Flights to Las Vegas

Nonstop to Vegas

Southwest Airlines

Service is daily.

Book Flight


Sunday, Thursday. Schedule subject to change.

Book Flight
Family Summer Vacation Family Summer Vacation

Grab those Shades

Allegiant to resume seasonal service

Blast winter’s monochromatic haze with a brilliant ray of sunshine. Book an affordable family summer vacation with Allegiant’s seasonal service to Orlando or L.A. Soak up the sun, see the sights and head to the beach. Choose either East or West Coast. Flights are nonstop to both, easing the toll on tiny travelers – and big ones, too.

Los Angeles: Seasonal nonstop service to LAX begins May 31 and ends Aug. 12. Service will be on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Orlando: The Orlando-Sanford nonstop service will resume May 17 and end August 12. Service will be on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Wichita to Los Angeles Nonstop

Wichita to Los Angeles Nonstop flight

Wichita to Orlando-Sanford

Wichita to Orlando Nonstop flight
Summer Vacation spots - Nonstop Flights

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Last year was a great year for Eisenhower National Airport. We had so many wonderful things happen that it’s tough to narrow the list down. But, here are just a few of the highlights I’d like to share with you.

2016 Marks Second Busiest Year on Record

In 2016, passenger traffic at Wichita Eisenhower National Airport increased 1.97% over 2015, giving ICT the second busiest year on record with 1,602,311 total passengers. June, September and October set new monthly records in traffic. The busiest year occurred in 2008 where there were 1,619,075 total passengers. The 2016 achievement is significant because the number of seats was down 15% compared to 2008, yet traffic was down just 1% from that record year. The growth in traffic is due in part to the addition of three new, nonstop destinations, plus the convenient and modern new terminal which continues to draw passengers.

Air Service Enhancements

  • Allegiant began nonstop, seasonal service to Orlando-Sanford May 25, 2016.
  • Southwest Airlines began nonstop service to Phoenix and St. Louis April 12, 2016 and replaced the previous service to Chicago Midway and Dallas Love.
  • Alaska Airlines announced it will begin nonstop service to Seattle April 13, 2017. This will give ICT 12 nonstop destinations on 6 airlines.
  • United upgraded its aircraft to Chicago with one narrow-body jet on one of its four daily flights
  • Southwest Cargo began service at ICT on July 14, 2016.
  • American Airlines upgraded aircraft to a narrow-body jet on one of its six daily flights to Dallas. In April American ramps up to seven daily flights to Dallas.
  • Wichita’s average airfare dropped 6% during third quarter 2016 compared to 2015 and is less than Oklahoma City and Tulsa. And those fares are 35% less than they were in 2000 before low-fare airlines entered our market.
  • Southwest Airlines began freight operations in the Air Cargo Building

Awards Received

We received numerous awards since opening the new terminal, and have been featured in a number of international airport industry publications. Among them, we are very pleased with the following recognitions:

  • We were named the 4th Best Small Airport in the U.S. by a national customer survey of more than 200,000 passengers.
  • In a recent national survey by Travel Pulse magazine, Wichita Eisenhower National Airport ranked higher in customer satisfaction than all other Midwest Region airports such as Kansas City, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Des Moines and Little Rock. Factors considered in the survey included such topics as terminal modernity, terminal comfort, ease of access, customer amenities, family-friendly nature, business-friendly environment and proximity to city center.
  • We received the Ad Astra Outstanding Achievement Award from the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce.
Victor White - Director of Airports Wichita

Victor White, director of airports, Wichita Airport Authority

Victor White - Director of Airports Wichita


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